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Welcome to Coolsculpting, the premier destination for achieving your ideal body shape through the revolutionary Coolsculpting treatment. With our cutting-edge technology, experienced team, and commitment to delivering exceptional results, we are dedicated to helping you sculpt the body you've always desired.

At Coolsculpting, we understand that feeling confident in your own skin is vital to leading a happy and fulfilling life. That's why we specialize in Coolsculpting, a non-invasive, FDA-approved procedure that targets and eliminates stubborn fat cells, helping you achieve a sculpted, toned physique without the need for surgery or extensive downtime.

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How Does CoolSculpting Work?

During a CoolSculpting treatment, our skilled and certified practitioners use specialized applicators to precisely target the areas of concern. These applicators deliver controlled cooling to the underlying fat cells, freezing them without causing harm to the surrounding skin or tissues. The frozen fat cells undergo a natural cell death process called apoptosis and are gradually eliminated from the body over time through the body's natural metabolic processes.

CoolSculpting is highly versatile and can be used to target various areas of the body, including the abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms, chin, and more. Our experienced team will work closely with you to identify your specific concerns and develop a personalized treatment plan to address your unique needs.

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What Are the Benefits of CoolSculpting?


CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure, meaning there are no incisions, needles, or anesthesia required. This results in minimal discomfort and eliminates the need for a lengthy recovery period.

Targeted Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting specifically targets and eliminates stubborn fat cells in problem areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise. This allows for precise contouring and shaping of the body.

Natural-Looking Results

As the frozen fat cells are gradually eliminated from the body, you can expect natural-looking results that appear over time. This ensures a more gradual and subtle transformation

Long-Lasting Results

The fat cells that are targeted and eliminated during a CoolSculpting treatment are permanently removed from the body. However, it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure the longevity of your results.

  • Who is a good candidate for Coolsculpting?
    Coolsculpting works for men and women of all age groups who want to change their trouble spots and change their shape. Fat cells do not discriminate. Coolsculpting freezes unwanted fat equally and effectively in men and women.
  • Will Coolsculpting work for me?
    Each client has a different shape and regardless if you have a small amount or a lot of excess tissue. Coolsculpting can address large or small pockets equally as effectively. We have a wide range of applicator sizes that allow us to address the areas that frustrate you, large or small.
  • How long does it take to see Coolsculpting results?
    Some of our clients see and feel change at 3-4 weeks after the first treatment session. Of course not everyone responds the same, so be patient as it can take up to 5 months to see full results after two treatment visits.
  • Am I going to lose weight with Coolsculpting?
    Coolsculpting is not a weight loss procedure. Fat cells certainly take up a lot of space and have a lot of volume, but they don't weigh very much. So, although you won't see the scale change if you do Coolsculpting alone, you will see undeniable results. Coolsculpting can reshape, resize, and debunk parts of your body that don't respond to diet and exercise.
  • Is Coolsculpting safe and effective?
    Coolsculpting is FDA-cleared, non-surgical, and totally non-invasive. There is little to no downtime and you can get back to daily activities right away. This procedure has been done more than 10 million times and continues to gain momentum as it is safe and effective and allows individuals to contour, shape and sculpt their body in ways that diet and exercise have failed to do.
  • How painful is Coolsculpting?
    For most people, Coolsculpting is not painful nor uncomfortable. For some people, the initial part of the treatment, as tissue cools and also when we take the applicator off and do a 2 minute massage, it can be mildly uncomfortable. For most it is nothing more than temporary stinging, tingling, a short lived sensation of pin pricks, and numbness. These symptoms slowly resolve with time.
  • Are Coolsculpting results permanent?
    The number of fat cells that you have is set. When we gain weight our fat cells expand, we don't make new ones. When we lose weight our fat cells shrink, we don't get rid of them. When we use Coolsculpting to freeze fat cells, they die and then over 2-4 months they flush out of the body. We get rid of the fat cells and once that happens you will not remake them.
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Why Choose Us for CoolSculpting?

At Coolsculpting, we are proud to offer CoolSculpting as a safe and effective solution for those seeking to achieve their desired body shape. Our experienced team of CoolSculpting specialists will guide you through the entire process, providing personalized care and ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

With our state-of-the-art technology, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional results, you can trust that you are in capable hands. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards achieving the body you've always dreamed of with CoolSculpting.

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